"...nevertheless, it's extremely hard for me to put into words what this weekend meant to me, and the level of impact it has had on my life".

Jarred Cochran, Wells Fargo Securities

"I learned that I share my faith at work by serving others, by doing my job with excellence, by displaying Christ-like character, and by working for an audience of One".

Brian Purcell, Savvis Inc

"The experience filled voids, answered questions, pointed arrows of direction, and reintroduced me to the power of the Holy Spirit".

Bill Edwards, Edwards Architecture

Souly Business Partnerships
Cloudwalk- Helps people take that “next step” in their spiritual journey…the next step that God desires in a growing relationship with Him.
  • One-on-One Spiritual Mentoring - In one-on-one spiritual mentoring CW walks along side those ready to earnestly pursue a growing relationship with God, meeting on a regular basis and seeking God’s heart.
  • Small Group settings – CW creates safe small group environments where you can find freedom from your past, grow with others, learn the Word of God, and come to know the person God uniquely created you be.
  • Spiritual Facilitation – Can you imagine what it would be like if your leadership team - whether it be a business, ministry or church - truly were led by God? Where you as a body had a clear sense of God’s will for your organization and learned to walk in His will together? Cloudwalk’s desire is to serve you to this end. CW works with your organization and, through prayer, helps you to understand God’s clear purpose, vision, mission and values for your organization. Contact Larry Green 404-867-0523 or Larrygreen@cloudwalk.org Website www.cloudwalk.org
"Radical Mentoring - RM is developing the future leaders of our community.  Seasoned and mature leaders mentor young, high potential future leaders for a defined period.  Each month, the groups read books and discuss real life issues with the guidance of the mentor….issues range from priority setting, purpose, marriage and parenting to decision making, spiritual warfare and leadership.  The commitment level is high, but the growth opportunity is phenomenal.  Radical Mentoring's materials are free to the mentor.  They provide all the "how to" information to select mentees, assimilate groups, direct meetings and manage the season.  For information, visit www.radicalmentoring.com or contact Regi Campbell at 770-309-3300 or regicam@gmail.com"

Christ Centered Career Groups (C3G)- For men in career transition who would like to benefit from networking with other Christians in the North Fulton area at North Point Community Church www.northpoint.org/jobhelp

Iron Sharpening Iron-ISI is a monthly business owner’s forum. It is a place where men come together to be heard and have accountability with other business owners. Their focus is to grow in three specific aspects of leadership-as husbands, as fathers, and as business owners. Their goals include intimacy with Christ and living an integrated life. An ISI table group consists of seven to ten men and meets from 7:30 to 2:30 once a month. For more information contact Gary Smith at 404.558.0089 or gsmith@thetransformgroup.com.

There is a Mission!-There is a Mission is more than a weekend adventure. It is a Band of Brothers (shared mission + shared friendship) passionate to equip men to walk in the reality of ‘fixing our eyes on what is unseen (II Corinthians 4:18) while living responsibly in the world of what is seen. Based on the books, Wild at Heart and Waking the Dead by John Eldredge, this weekend affords men the opportunity to discover their place in God’s story, awaken their hearts, and learn to fight well – for their own hearts and the hearts of others. Retreats are scheduled 4-6 times per year. For information, visit www.thereisamission.com call or email Buz Mayo (404 966-2485) buz@teambuilder.com.
Mourning Dove Ministries-Mourning Dove Ministries is an innovative counseling ministry that focuses on the restoration and enrichment of marriages. MDM walks couples through a proven process that stresses the resolution and healing of deeply seated pain in order to break the dysfunctional patterns in the marriage. MDM provides couples with effective tools that will deepen intimacy in three realms - spiritual, emotional and physical. Our non-traditional approach includes couple-with-couple interaction, two-hour sessions, and the use of "Intimacy Therapy" to move beyond the symptoms of dysfunction to the healing of soul-deep pain and hurt. For more information, contact Gary Delaplane at 678-596-9594 or GDelaplane@aol.com. The ministry web site is www.Mourning-Dove.org.
North GA Walk to Emmaus- The Walk to Emmaus is a spiritual renewal program intended to strengthen the local church through the development of Christian disciples and leaders. The Walk to Emmaus retreat was the inspiration for the founding of Souly Business and offers an opportunity for couples to have a shared Souly Business type experience. For more information go to www.ngwte.org or Simon Mortimer at dsmort@bellsouth.net