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"...nevertheless, it's extremely hard for me to put into words what this weekend meant to me, and the level of impact it has had on my life".

Jarred Cochran, Wells Fargo Securities

"I learned that I share my faith at work by serving others, by doing my job with excellence, by displaying Christ-like character, and by working for an audience of One".

Brian Purcell, Savvis Inc

"The experience filled voids, answered questions, pointed arrows of direction, and reintroduced me to the power of the Holy Spirit".

Bill Edwards, Edwards Architecture

Welcome To Souly Business

The mission of Souly Business is to create environments where men are inspired by the Holy Spirit to more purposefully live out their Christian faith and values in their professional and personal lives.

Reboot…and Reconnect

Does your computer ever freeze up? After a few frustrating mouse clicks, you simply turn it off and on again. Then miraculously...everything works!

Is it possible that in the depth of your soul, you need to shut down and reboot?

Join us for a Souly Business conference

Pause…and listen to God in the beauty of His creation.
Disconnect from the things that wear you down…emails, voicemails, deadlines, and the expectations of others. Reconnect with God and other men who desire the same. Discover joy, peace, and encouragement. Imagine an experience so simple, yet so profound and purposeful, that when you re-enter your daily routine, you feel good about life again. Think for a moment about the path you’re on…and what could happen if you don’t take time to examine your life and priorities. Don’t let it be one of life’s traumas to get your attention. Connect with God and others who care about you. The result? Conversations, connections, dreams, reflection, and encouragement. Join us for an extraordinary two days. Reboot...and Reconnect.

What happens at a Souly Business conference?

What Happens at Souly BusinessThe weekend includes a series of talks from business leaders and thought-provoking discussions on the things in life that matter most. You will experience the fellowship of other Christians and the love of Christ as perhaps never before.


You also experience servant leadership, authentic community, and of course, humor, which together makes for a unique and transforming weekend. God will touch both your heart and your mind and bring you to a deeper understanding of how we can invite His presence into our professional and personal lives. We hope you will join us for an upcoming conference...and an extraordinary two days!